Energy Questions

Questions about Commercial Energy and Suppliers


Q? Do you provide commercial electric supply rates from all suppliers ?

A# Yes we do provide commercial rates of electricity from all energy suppliers.


Q? Why switch business energy suppliers ?

A# When the market rates are offering a lower cost per kWh electricity rates for commercial, low utility bills.


Q? How do I compare commercial electric supply rates for my company ?

A# Have a copy of your utility bill then go to commercial electricity rates enter zip code and select supplier.


Q? How long does it take to sign my business up with an energy supplier ?

A# It takes 2 minutes online to E-Sign agreement with energy supplier but look on your utility bill for the 'meter reading date' that is the date when your meter will switch to another energy supplier that you sign with now, takes 7-30 days to get you setup with suppliers, make sure you do not have an agreement already, call your current supplier and ask if your under contract if so when does it expire and what are the early termination fees if any to get started on lower commercial electric rates.


Q? How much money can my business save ?

A# Businesses can save thousands of dollars on your commercial utility costs depending on the size of your commercial electricity load and current electric rates. We offer a free comparison on commercial electric.


Q? What is cost per kilowatt for my company?

A# The cost for commercial kWh price is based on the amount of usage and how you use your business electricity, we provide a free comparison to show you the savings on your commercial utility costs.


commercial electricity rates


commercial electricity rates